Refund Policy

The customer has the right to return or refund his purchase from fresh food products within 24 hours and 14 days for the rest of the products (excluding personal care products and if proven that the products is used) This is if the product is affected by a defect or if it is not identical with the specifications or the purpose for which it was sold for , And the company is obligated - at the request of the customer- And in agreement with the provisions of Law No. 67 of 2006, the Consumer Protection Law by exchanging or taking back the product and refunding its value without any additional cost

And according to the following documents and procedures:

1- Returns are made only from the same branch from which they were purchased and on the same cashier specified for the returns.

2- The presence of the original receipt that was purchased with.

3- In case of returning the product, the refund will be made in the same way as the payment

4- Fill out the return form that contains the customer's data, signature and the reason of the return

In case of the presence of any complaints, please call us on 19073 or send us an Email on.